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Oct 12, 2023 · The Meaning Behind The Song: Dandelions by Ruth B. The Inspiration Behind “Dandelions” The Theme of Vulnerability; The Longing for Connection; The Importance of Letting Go; The Magic of Ruth B’s Songwriting; Conclusion " Dandelions " is a song by Canadian singer Ruth B., originally released as a promotional single from her 2017 album Safe Haven. It was re-issued separately in a "slowed + reverb" version in August 2021. [2] In 2022, the song charted internationally after going viral on TikTok . Background It has long been a Western tradition to use dandelions as a wishing agent. Inspired by the way the wind sweeps their tiny seed heads off, children blow on the flower and think of a wish they want to come true. Here, Ruth B imagines herself in a field of dandelions, blowing the seeds away. Sep 8, 2022 · After all, analyzing the lyrics inside Dandelions, the meaning is clear: Ruth B. is deeply in love, and she wishes that’s the love of her life. She’s enjoying the beauty of those feelings and sings about hope and joy. The song was written in 2017.